Camp Wilmot Wedding!

As a photographer I talk about light a lot, often saying something like "good light" is what makes a photograph great.  Bonnie and Jeff’s wedding is making me re-think that a bit as what I really mean is that good energy that makes a photograph great.  Light is just one piece of the energy in a moving moment that is captured in a still photograph.

The energy at Bonnie and Jeff’s wedding was simply incredible.  I was truly moved just to be around the kind, joyful, playful, sincere and unguarded love that permeated through every piece of this wedding.  From Jeff getting dressed with his closest family and friends on top a hillside; Pastor Hank tension breaking opening line to the congregation, “Welcome People of Earth!”; songs and readings both playful and serious; so many hugs; a blessing from all sides of the tent; Bonnie’s mom singing to her daughter; a tree planting… I could go on…  This was the perfect wedding. I can only assume a wedding like this is followed by a perfect marriage.

Many, many congratulations, Bonnie and Jeff!