Wedding Planning Advice You Won’t Find Elsewhere

There are an endless number of articles on how to choose a wedding photographer, what questions to ask, how not to choose, etc.  The advice is limitless and much of it is pretty good, but I have something to add.

This year my family-in-law lost two family members.  One was expected and the other was a complete and utterly unexpected shock.  In the wake of both of these losses we did what all families do, we gathered, told stories, and shared photos.

Each time, we scoured facebook and wedding photos trying to find the right images.  Photos that tell the story of our lost loved ones.  Often it would seem that someone remembered a perfect photo that we just couldn't find.  And that leads me the advice I don't see elsewhere:

Hire a photographer who is passionate about family, both chosen and biological.

A lot of wedding resources push the fairytale love story-line and often miss the fact that weddings are also about celebrating with the people most important to you.  It is likely that the people you choose to surround you on your wedding day will never be in a room together again.  To me, it is your guest list that makes your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  A fancy party can be repeated, but a gathering of people from all different corners of your life, that is uncommon.  Because of this, John and I aim to photograph everyone at every wedding.  It's not an easy task, but we know it is well worth the effort.

That's all the unsolicited advice I have for you today :)  If you want more, feel free to email me.