A Lakes Region Wedding: Katie & John

Katie and John had the perfect, laid back and heartfelt wedding.  It was just the right balance of tender and tinder.  I must first mention the location, because this home is breathtaking.  Katie’s Mother custom-designed this masterpiece of a lakefront home before her far-too-early death.  The house is literally built around a gigantic, circular stone fireplace – there is barely a right angle in the home.  It is truly amazing.

Now the couple.  Katie & John are hands down the most kissy couple I have ever photographed.  I hope they keep on kissing like this for the rest of their lives.  The love they have for each other is powerful and infectious.

And finally, the tinder.  This group knows how to have a good time.  I’ve been to over 200 weddings and never have I seen a fully dressed, guests flip a canoe; drink a beer out of a boot; captain an inflatable whale… the list goes on.  This will be a wedding I will never forget.

Congratulations Katie and John-o!