A Burlington Vermont Wedding

Emily and Dan have a love story to fall in love with....They met as counselors at a Summer camp in Maine.  Emily was from Vermont and Dan from England.  A long distance relationship is not easy for anyone, but an international relationship is riddled with even more complexities.  Eventually Emily moved to London and has been slowly making her way toward citizenship.  Dan proposed to Emily in Paris.  They planned their destination Vermont wedding from across the pond.  Then Dan dad got sick.  He is doing well now, on the road to recovery, but was unable to travel for the wedding.  Dan and Emily considered changing their wedding date...but it was too late to do so.  They were married this past weekend at the Hilton on the waterfront in Burlington Vermont.  Dan's dad watched the ceremony on a live video stream, he prerecorded his toast and it was projected during the reception to a teary-eyed crowd. Most weddings are touching, but this couple and their incredible supportive families moved me to tears and laughter throughout the day....and I just met them.  I wish Dan and Emily the absolute best in their lives together and I trust Dan's dad is on his way to a speedy recovery.

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