A Different Approach To Photographing The Wedding Day

I am always looking for a fresh perspective on how to capture the almighty wedding day differently. I think linearly and I photograph the wedding day like a timeline. Nothing wrong with that, but I am at a point in my career where I am trying to dig deeper and go further with the work. I just read an article about photographer, Jonathan Grassi, who creates a wedding album from portraits of the guests, taken in their hotel rooms, before the wedding.  Now these aren't your average portraits, there are elaborate and at-times, extremely creative and other times, a little kitschy.

I am very interested in this idea, because it is a completely different way to approach the wedding story.  I don't see myself running out and re-creating it per say, but I am interested in how I can change my thinking about what are the 'must-have' wedding photos.  Have no fear clients, I will still capture the 'must-have' moments and hopefully some 'new-have' moments too.