A Festival of Shutters

I just spent the last week in St. Louis Missouri at a relatively new photography convention called ShutterFest. ShutterFest was created by the visionary Sal Cincotta with the pure intention of giving back to the photography community. And giving back he has done. ShutterFest is an unconvention that offers small group classes and tons of hands-on learning opportunities in a stunning location. I was lucky enough to be a speaker at this year's event and the only downside to that is I wish I had more time to go to more of the classes! This is definitely on my list for next year! Here are some of the photos I got to take at my classes Posing Two Brides and Posing Two Grooms.

AuthenticEyePhotography_0009 AuthenticEyePhotography_0023 AuthenticEyePhotography_0013 AuthenticEyePhotography_0037 AuthenticEyePhotography_0035 AuthenticEyePhotography_0040 AuthenticEyePhotography_0043 AuthenticEyePhotography_0061 AuthenticEyePhotography_0052 AuthenticEyePhotography_0050 AuthenticEyePhotography_0063 AuthenticEyePhotography_0073 AuthenticEyePhotography_0072 AuthenticEyePhotography_0076 AuthenticEyePhotography_0093 St. Louis Missouri AuthenticEyePhotography_0077