A Post about Post, Post modernism

My brain is bubbling with delight and curiosity from today's critical theory class. Three hours wasn't long enough!! We moved [somewhat] quickly through philosophical movements* of avant-garde, modernism and post modernism to begin to consider our current condition: Post, post modernism (PPM)?  The age of the screen?  The age of simulation and hyperreality?  What does this have to do with art theory? Well, if art is a reaction to our current condition, then the artist needs to know what they are reacting to...right?

I love to wrap my mind around this idea and these readings are deliciously complex.  But how I apply this...is a topic for another day.

If anyone out there is considered about the age of the screen, then let's consider a new movement together :)

* Chris Archer told me these aren't movements and so I begin at the beginning again...