A Wedding on Golden Pond - Kelly Nick in Holderness, NH

Kelly and Nick's friends and family travelled all the way from California and Arizona to exchange vows at Nick's family summer home in Holderness, NH. Holderness is a far cry from the likes of Los Angeles, where Kelly and Nick call home. Despite some mud, 90% humidity and the wetest June in recent NH history, the ceremony was dry and relatively comfortable. The ceremony officiant beckoned a loon call to the gasps of the guests. Truly a magical ceremony. 2013-07-01_0001.jpg 2013-07-01_0002.jpg 2013-07-01_0003.jpg 2013-07-01_0004.jpg 2013-07-01_0005.jpg 2013-07-01_0006.jpg 2013-07-01_0007.jpg 2013-07-01_0008.jpg 2013-07-01_0009.jpg 2013-07-01_0010.jpg 2013-07-01_0011.jpg 2013-07-01_0012.jpg 2013-07-01_0013.jpg 2013-07-01_0014.jpg 2013-07-01_0015.jpg 2013-07-01_0016.jpg 2013-07-01_0017.jpg 2013-07-01_0018.jpg 2013-07-01_0019.jpg 2013-07-01_0020.jpg