A Windblown Lodge Wedding: Julie and Andy

Most of the time I photograph people’s most intimate moments without knowing them very well at all.  It can be a challenge and it can be an asset.  Photographing a good friend’s wedding is hard because I’m not anonymous and I can’t easily disappear into the ceilings and walls to capture those genuine moments.  But then again, weddings are an incredible personal expression, a day when we celebrate what we most value, and it helps to know and hopefully empathize with what is most important to my clients.

I met Andy about 18 months ago.  My husband hired him to do some land work on our property.  Andy quickly became someone my whole family adored.  He shares our deepest and most personal values and ethics.  My favorite way to describe “tall Andy” (as my kids call him) is that he is a permaculturist, who effortlessly runs an excavator power by veggie oil while listening to NPR.  Clearly, Andy is so much more than that description but that is at least part of who he is…

Now on Andy and Julie’s wedding day I get a deeper look into who they are as individuals and as a couple.  On their wedding day, they chose to honor their family history, their deep connection to the earth and to the place that they live, Windblown.  I’ve honestly never been to a wedding with so many historical family photos and heirlooms being honored.  Julie wore Andy’s grandmother’s wedding dress and Andy wore his grandfather’s suit complete with white gloves.  And the photos… so many beautiful photos that weren’t just vintage decorations, they were the centerpiece of the event.  We even recreated a number of these photos with Andy and Julie’s immediate family.

I’m truly touched to have been given this deeper look into Andy and Julie’s world.  They are wonderful, kind, genuine people who I am pleased to call friends.