Another Year Comes to a Close

The end of the year is always a little bitter sweet for me. I welcome the break from weddings every weekend and yet I miss weddings every weekend. Photographing weddings is a lot of work...but it also gives me a lot of joy. I do really have a fantastic job and I already look forward to next season. The end of the year is an opportunity to reveal in some of this year's most memorable moments for me, notably:

  • I photographed Edward James Olmos at a wedding this year.
  • I saw a flower girl steal a cupcake during the cake cutting.
  • I photographed a couple get legally wed after 27 years together.
  • I saw a father who is wheelchair bound, rise to his feet to dance with his daughter.
  • I saw a mother with cancer kiss her daughter on her wedding day with so much strength and love.
  • I saw two father's 'high five' after their daughter's were pronounced married.
  • I wrote a book....twice.
  • I was accepted into a Master's of Fine Arts program.

I feel so lucky to take these photos. I get an incredibly personal look into people lives on their wedding day and I experience the joy, sadness and strength as I photograph it. I need to thank all of the wonderful couples who allow me this opportunity.

I hope everyone cherishes the time with their families this holiday season. Life is so precious.

Happy Holidays!