Bear Mountain Lodge, Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Bob and Jennifer were married this past weekend at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Bethlehem after a four year engagement. Their engagement was drawn out by choice, but by circumstance. They have not had an easy few years, to say the least. Their solution was to elope (with family's prior knowledge) to Bethlehem, NH and have a wedding, just the two of them. It was a beautiful ceremony overlooking Mount Washington on a beautiful autumn day. I do hope Bob and Jennifer's have smooth sailing in their lives from here on out. 2013-09-30_0001.jpg 2013-09-30_0002.jpg 2013-09-30_0003.jpg 2013-09-30_0004.jpg 2013-09-30_0005.jpg 2013-09-30_0006.jpg 2013-09-30_0007.jpg 2013-09-30_0008.jpg 2013-09-30_0009.jpg 2013-09-30_0010.jpg 2013-09-30_0011.jpg 2013-09-30_0012.jpg 2013-09-30_0013.jpg 2013-09-30_0014.jpg 2013-09-30_0015.jpg 2013-09-30_0016.jpg 2013-09-30_0017.jpg 2013-09-30_0018.jpg 2013-09-30_0019.jpg 2013-09-30_0020.jpg 2013-09-30_0021.jpg 2013-09-30_0022.jpg 2013-09-30_0023.jpg 2013-09-30_0024.jpg 2013-09-30_0025.jpg 2013-09-30_0026.jpg 2013-09-30_0027.jpg 2013-09-30_0028.jpg 2013-09-30_0029.jpg 2013-09-30_0030.jpg 2013-09-30_0031.jpg 2013-09-30_0032.jpg 2013-09-30_0033.jpg