Calling all grooms!

I just got this inquiry from a men's journal. If anyone is interested please email me at for more info. Thanks!

I am looking for Real Men to highlight in our "Real Grooms" section. We'll include your thoughts, tips and photos of your weddings. I am choosing 14 Grooms to highlight for the year.

And for the Ladies, I have this opportunity from a national bridal magazine.  Also email at for more info.

For a fun quote roundup in a national bridal magazine, I'm looking for brides in their 20s and 30s to share: what was your biggest bridezilla moment? Did you dictate the color of your bridesmaids' hair? Break down and scream at your whole wedding party? Let me know what you did/ what happened in a few sentences (we won't have room for long replies!). To be considered, you MUST include your name, age, city/state and email. Looking forward to hearing your stories!