Career Day at Kearsarge Regional Middle School

My commercial photographer friend, Charley Freiberg and I were invited back to Kearsarge Regional Middle School for another year of career day.  Guess we didn't scare them off last year. We have a bit of a routine now.  They have questions they have to ask, like did you go to school to do what you do and how much money do you make?

We tell them they don't need to go to school (although both of us did) and the teachers cringe.  Then we tell them we don't do it for the money we work for quality of life.

I don't think they get that part, but I think it's important to say anyway.  When did making a living become a monetary value anyway?  I enjoy the life I live, but I don't make much money.

I also tell them how good it feels to get that perfect shot and they seem to get that.  I get paid in perfect shots, I suppose.

Then we do the photoshoot, which is the real reason they show up.

It was great fun!!  Hope to do this every year!  Until a student comes back as a client.  That has to be the cut off.