Catherine Opie

On the recommendation of my mentor, I've been looking at the work of Catherine Opie. Her Art21 film made me immediately think that was a good recommendation. People are a center piece of Opie's very diverse (and often provocative) portfolio.  She seems to make intellectual connections that are below the surface and then visually communicate them. For instance, she photographed ice houses and surfers and saw they were connected because they we both transient communities on the water...and they both were a symbol of "waiting." I wonder if she thought this before, while making or after the projects?  I suspect that is the kind of connection she made in the editing process. This quote grabbed my attention: "This emphasis on the act of seeing has always been a part of the photographer's work."  Spending a lot of time behind a camera does change the way you see things, but the 'act of seeing' I think is another step further than I have gone in my process.