Dexter's Inn, Sunapee, NH

It's not secret that I like small weddings. Small weddings often focus more on emotion than fashion and emotions are what I like to photograph. It's an added bonus if the small wedding is on a weekday, too. I of course enjoy a big wedding full of props and details, but a small wedding is a welcome change. Alice and Carlos has a intimate wedding at Dexter's Inn in Sunapee, NH on a chilly September afternoon. We are just starting to see the beginning of Fall her in NH and you can really see the Fall glow in the light here.

2013-09-06_0001.jpg 2013-09-06_0002.jpg 2013-09-06_0003.jpg 2013-09-06_0004.jpg 2013-09-06_0005.jpg 2013-09-06_0006.jpg 2013-09-06_0007.jpg 2013-09-06_0008.jpg 2013-09-06_0009.jpg 2013-09-06_0010.jpg 2013-09-06_0011.jpg 2013-09-06_0012.jpg 2013-09-06_0013.jpg 2013-09-06_0014.jpg 2013-09-06_0015.jpg 2013-09-06_0016.jpg