Eastward Bound: Des Moines, Iowa

Our road trip is just about coming to an end.  We are just a few days away from home!  I look forward to being home, but not to the weather we are returning to. Last entry I left off at Sedona AZ. That was many miles and climates ago.

From Sedona we headed back to Prescott AZ to see my high school pal, Catie, again.

Then to Santa Fe, NM for Bryan to meet with the wonderful people at EcoNest.  Amazing houses!

Then Moab Utah! I love Moab. We had the best breakfast of our trip at the Love Muffin Cafe, then we went hiking on the Slickrock Trail.  Once again longing for a mountain bike...but that is not on the agenda for this trip.

We backtracked a bit Northwest to Park City, Utah (my old stomping grounds) for a free Michael Franti and Spearhead show.  He is a fantastic performer!!  This was my 2nd time seeing Franti and unlike my first, I did not end up on stage with him.  Despite that, the show was awesome.  We stayed with my good friend Marcy and her boyfriend Colin.  They live on Park City Mountain Resort, literally.  Colin is the head of snow safety at the resort and lives year round on the mountain.  It's a sweet place to visit, but not an easy place to live.  They snowmobile in.  Luckily they don't have much of a reason to leave with skiing out their door and a climbing gym taking up half their living space.  Even Kyra got on the wall.

And that was our kickoff back East....We stopped here in Des Moines to watch the superbowl. What a game!!  I didn't think Pittsburg was going to pull it off at the end, but they did.