I received a very flattering email from my bookbinder this week:

Hey Thea!

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that we've really enjoyed working with you!  Your albums are always really cool and creative!  We have an open policy here that if anyone along the way sees an album design that they really like that they flag it so we can go back and look through those when we want to make new sample books.  One of your orders was nominated!  This is the book for Emily and Kristen, order 154436 from Sept 2010.  They are both gorgeous, their dresses look spectacular and make for great movement, the red truck is super-cool and interesting, and the outdoor setting is lovely; all the makings of a great album!

I was hoping that we could have your permission to use some of the images from that order to create a sample album that we would showcase to other photographers at events like WPPI?  Of course, your studio name would be displayed inside the cover as well.  If you could let me know if this would be OK with you I'd really appreciate it!  Your images never fail to impress!!

Shine On, Jamie Westman

This bookbinder is very large and sees A LOT of work.  For them to pick out one of our designs is just an amazing compliment.  This makes me feel REALLY good!