Groveland Fairways and Newburyport MA: Shannon & Jamie

I continue to be amazed by the beauty of the couples and their families that I get to photograph. It is truly a gift to me to get to know couples like Shannon and Jamie. Shannon and Jamie are kind, easy-going, fun and caring. In addition to all these wonderful characteristics, they had a wedding that celebrated and honored family. To me, weddings are about family. The family we are born to and the friends we adopt as family along the way. Weddings are a celebration of life, where we've come from and where we hope to go. This wedding was all of those things.

Both John (my fav. second photographer) and I found ourselves fighting back tears throughout the day and night: When Shannon gave Jamie a piece of his late mother's jewelry; When Jamie signed his toast to his deaf in-laws. We were in the presence of true beauty, and true beauty, is so rare and so special. I hope Shannon and Jamie stay beautiful forever!

Venue: Groveland Fairways, Goveland MA

Portraits: Newburyport, MA

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