Hanover Inn: Sarah & Zach

A beautiful day, a beautiful wedding and a rocking party is the best way to describe Sarah and Zach wedding at the Hanover Inn.  Sarah and Zach had a lovely ceremony at Rollins Chapel officiated by Jeanne Pounder.  This couple clearly had a wedding about the marriage...and the music.  They spent a lot of time choosing an awesome DJ and Party Excitement Entertainment kept the dance floor packed all night - so much fun! HanoverInn-002HanoverInn-003HanoverInn-005HanoverInn-006HanoverInn-007HanoverInn-009HanoverInn-010HanoverInn-011HanoverInn-013HanoverInn-014HanoverInn-017HanoverInn-019HanoverInn-020HanoverInn-024HanoverInn-028HanoverInn-029HanoverInn-030HanoverInn-031HanoverInn-032

Photobomb by the person who first introduced the couple.