Happy Earth Day!

One year ago today I made the commitment to make Authentic Eye a Carbon-Neutral business by today. It was actually easier then I expected and we have been carbon-neutral since September of 2007.

Our Commitment To The Environment is:

1. We print on recycled paper with soy or corn inks whenever possible.

2. We have made efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and are off-setting the remaining 32 tons by investing in renewable energy through Native Energy.

3. We offer discounts off our packages for clients who use other green vendors.

This commitment is constantly growing and I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions for improvements.

Authentic Eye is co-founding a non-profit with EOS Photography in California which will be a resource to help photographers green their business. I am also teaming up with The NH Wedding Resource Guide to add a "How to Green Your Wedding" section to next year's book. Please contact me if you are interested in getting involved with either of these projects!

I hope all of you get out from in front of your computer screen and get outside on this beautiful day!

Happy Earth Day! -Thea