Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  I'm off to Massachusetts today to spend Christmas with Bryan's family.  It's usually a good time and it being Kyra's first Christmas should make it extra fun.  Below is a picture of Kyra "driving" the tractor at Grandma's house. During my pregnancy, Jack (one of Kyra 3 Grandpa's) nicknamed my belly Buster.  He could stop talking about Buster driving the tractor and Buster moving rocks in the garden...then we had a little girl....Buster is Busty.  Jack is a little disapointed, he says he "misses Buster" and "next time it'll be Buster."  I figure Kyra can still drive the tractor and move rocks in the garden we just got to start her early.

I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful holiday!