Something that has come up in my theory class the last few days is the word: Hyper reality.  Hyper reality, as I understand it, is the state of being unable to distinguish the reality from the simulation. Poor Disneyland, parts of Los Angeles, a mall in Detroit and parts of Santa Barbara get picked on a lot here as examples of fake(ness) being accepted as if it is true and representative of the world outside of its bubble.  While instead it is this clean, sanitized version of reality that isn't actually real at all. So what does this mean to an artist?  The argument presented is that art helps relieve the natural anxiety of the human condition.  And not just making art, but being exposed to it, challenged by it and talking about it.  So we don't need to remove ourselves from our reality we need to be present in it, observe it and talk about the challenges.  That is the part I find totally fascinating, even art that you don't like is important because you are forced to express why you don't like it.

One thing I have come to believe is that photographing decisively takes me out of the moment.  I'm no longer a full fledged participant in my own life events, when I try to document them.  And so I don't photograph my own family as much as many would think.  And although I love images (which are simulations) a moment does still have value even when it is not captured.  Especially when I draw it in my "missed moments" diary to capture another day :)

I am really enjoying this graduate school experience.