Introducing Greener Photography

Many of you have noticed that I have fallen behind in my blogging.  It's not that I haven't been shooting.  I've been photographing a lot of babies lately, not just my own, and just shot a wonderful wedding at Roger Williams Park Botanical Center in Providence, RI (photos to come). And it's not that I am a new mom. Although that is busier and more wonderful then I ever anticipated (also photos to come).

Now what has really diverted my attention is the Non-Profit Organization Greener Photography I started with photographer, Dawn Tacker. Dawn and I "met" through an on-line forum because we shared a similar interest in the environment.  We were both looking for ways to offer the most eco-friendly products to our clients and run the "cleanest" photo businesses we could.  We were frustrated that there was no single source of information that would just tell us what to do.  So we started that source.

One thing led to another and it has spiraled into a huge and incredibly exciting undertaking!

I hope all you photographers out there will join. It's free and you get to use our beautiful logo in your advertising material.

We are completely open to any and all feedback.  The site and direction of the organization is very much a work in progress.  Please let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have!

Happy December and remember to enter the contest below!