Jim & Jill at the Providence RI Botanical Center

So if you are getting married in November and want to have a lush wedding, follow Jim and Jill lead.  Get married in a greenhouse like the one at the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island.

This wedding was special for many reasons.  Most importantly, Jill is an absolutely fantastic person.  I often say I have the best clients, but when I arrived at Jill's house on her wedding day and she told me she had a gift for my baby, I was completely blown away.  That is a kind of selflessness I would never imagined.

The ceremony was wonderfully genuine.  The Justice of the Peace said some of the most spectacular things I  have ever heard at a wedding.  My favorite was when Jill and her father walked down the aisle and she gathered all the parents and Jim and said, "we don't give away our children."  How true and inclusive that felt.

Jill's wonderful 4 year old son was also welcomed into the ceremony and then later sang with the band.

Look at Jill's ring!  Everything about this wedding was so unique!  She even had a hot dog stand serving dogs and chips as the night wore on.  I don't eat hot dogs, but I still thought it was a great idea.

I wish you guys the best times ahead!  Thank you for sharing such a special event with me.