Kim & Russ; Park City, Utah

Kim and Russ essentially eloped to Hawaii. They told everyone there were going so it wasn't a complete elopement...although I don't think all parental parties were thrilled. In consolation, they had a reception back in Utah.

It was great. Super warm wonderful people. I met and reconnected with so many nice folks! It really made me miss the Park City community.

Kim and Russ had their wedding video looping by the bar. It effectively brought us all to the island for their barefoot wedding. I think it was then that the parents came around about the whole thing.

After the tears, there was drinks, dancing, laughing and more tears..

Now Russ's truck is his baby. We don't ask which he loves more, Kim or the truck because we don't want to know. Some of his friends thought it be fun to mess with him a little and decorate it with hearts and balloons.

Russ was not amused.

Kim was amused....