Liz & Chris's Winter Wedding at Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham MA

I kicked off my 2009 wedding season this weekend with Liz and Chris at the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod.  You just can't go wrong at this Inn.  It's in the top five of the nicest venue I've ever seen.  Honestly, it makes photographing easy.  The place is just perfect. It's big, bright, ocean front, excellent staff and incredible food. Just one funny story and then you can look at the pictures....Someone made a mistake and the Mother of the Bride's reservation was lost.  Liz (the bride) got upset.  It all worked out, but I guess maybe Liz caused a bit of a raucous.

Liz saw a housekeeper and asked, "have you heard about the crazy bride running around?"

"Yes."  Said the housekeeper.

"That's me." Said Liz.

The only kind of crazy that is, is crazy funny.

Below are a few of my favorite shots and here is a link to a slideshow to see more.

Oh and the band, I have to mention this band!  The Marsels were incredible.  Top 2 wedding bands I've ever seen.  They were a fantastic band that happens to be play weddings, not your typical wedding band.  Everyone should book them because I want to see them again.

And Allison Wildes Liset did a fantastic job planning such a elegant wedding.

Thoses dance lesson's paid off!
Yeah, Chris!  Play that funky music.