Make Your Own Veil!!

From my friend Harper of Seams:

Want to make your own instead of taking the risk of buying one on Etsy that might not be perfect? They are simple to make (techincally) but there are some tricks to getting it just right. Like the fact that we have a Mannequin Head that you can PIN into! Why spend hours and ultimately destroy all that expensive stuff you bought?

Class is limited to 8 and includes access to basic supplies for making a veil and a flower of your choice. An 18" piece of White or Ivory Birdcage Veiling per student (enough for a good sized blusher veil), combs, barettes, scissors, glue, thread, white silk fabric for flowers and experimenting are provided. Refreshments will be served!

Registered Participants will be given a list of other resources for colored veiling and other millinery supplies. Suggested supplies: Feathers, Vintage Brooches/Beads, Ribbon, Scrap from your Gown, or other things to sew on.

Sunday, June 27, 2010
1:00pm - 3:00pm
152-R Main Street
Wenham, MA

Tickets on Sale in Advance thru, click thru for the link.

More info here:!/event.php?eid=111977698825204