Making Meaning

I recently watched a ted talk by Tom Wujek: 3 Ways the Brain Creates Meaning. I searched out this talk because of something one of my MFA instructors, Chris Archer, said during my January residency, “you can’t make meaning.” If an artist, can’t make meaning, where does it come from? Wujek explains that the brain creates mental models of the world based on “moments of discovery.” He further describes that when a person looks at an image their eyes dart around it looking to make sense of it and “the act of engaging and looking at the image creates the meaning.” Twice this month, I've run into the notion of ‘the act of seeing.’  As I am searching create an art practice that is not dominated by commercial habits, I want to start by exploring the universalities of how we see. Perhaps if I start with how our brains process imagery, I can then work backwards from that to evolve my art practice.