Mountain Top Inn |Sarah and Cory

There are two things that make great wedding photos: Light and Love.  Light is our job and love is our client's job.  Cory and Sarah did a fantastic job.  Their love was a joy to witness.  My job of managing light was incredibly enjoyable because of the amazing natural light that shone down on the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont.  Light like this simply doesn't happen everyday.  With beautiful love and beautiful light, this wedding was a photographer's dream - Thank you Cory and Sarah!  And thank you to DJ Evan Foley or El Folio Entertainment and videography by Sean Mitchell of Press Play Studios. MountainTopInn001 MountainTopInn003 MountainTopInn005 MountainTopInn008 MountainTopInn010 MountainTopInn011 MountainTopInn013 MountainTopInn014 MountainTopInn017 MountainTopInn018 MountainTopInn019 MountainTopInn020 MountainTopInn021 MountainTopInn023 MountainTopInn033 MountainTopInn035 MountainTopInn036 MountainTopInn043 MountainTopInn046 MountainTopInn053 MountainTopInn054 MountainTopInn055 MountainTopInn056 MountainTopInn057 MountainTopInn059 MountainTopInn060 MountainTopInn061 MountainTopInn063 MountainTopInn064 MountainTopInn066 MountainTopInn067 MountainTopInn070 MountainTopInn071 MountainTopInn073 MountainTopInn074 MountainTopInn080