Mountain View Grand Winter Wedding

Winter weddings in the White Mountains are special.  Add to that two people like Christine and Steve who have clearly crossed many hurdles to find one another and this winter wedding was remarkable.  Christine and Steve didn't just marry each other, they also combined their families, not an easy task.  They planned a destination wedding at the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa.  Despite frigid temperatures, the event was warm and moving.  There were many tears of joy and excited laughter.  I love when weddings bring out the best in people and this one really seemed to.  I hope to keep in touch with this couple and see what the future brings them! 3.1.14-001 3.1.14-002 3.1.14-015 3.1.14-021 3.1.14-032 3.1.14-045 3.1.14-059 3.1.14-067 3.1.14-147 3.1.14-158 3.1.14-172 3.1.14-207 3.1.14-221 3.1.14-244 3.1.14-245 3.1.14-261 3.1.14-274 3.1.14-293 3.1.14-319 3.1.14-323 3.1.14-329 3.1.14-340