Nate & Stephanie: VINS Nature Center; Woodstock, VT

I thought the weather was good last week, but then this Saturday came along and the absolutely perfect Vermont day.  I had the pleasure of photographing this incredible nice couple, Nate and Stephanie and the very eco-friendly venue, VINS Nature Center in Woodstock VT. Nate and Stephanie met when they both worked at VINS, so it was very fitting for them to get married there with a pervasive bird theme throughout the wedding. The ceremony was at a church in Quechee and formals done at the Quechee Gorge.  Some of the highlights for me from this wedding include: the bride hoping rocks in the gorge, plantable seed paper table cards, wild bird release, hot air balloons, leftover donated to a shelter, and a beautiful moon.  A pretty fantastic wedding all around!!