On The Road: Mountain West

Westward we are.  What a trip this has been. Let me start in Asheville, NC. We had some of the best Thai food ever and we we're asked the most foreign question, "smoking or non."  It's funny that NH has only been smoke free for a year, but I haven't been to a restaurant with a smoking section in I don't know how long.

Jackson Tenn.:  We just spent a short night here and then hit the road.  It's one of those towns that exists only because of the highway it seems.

Fayetteville Arkansas was surprisisng beautiful.  My uncle lives there and has always raved about the place.  I'd never visited him before and I was impressed.  He lives in a very nice community.  We walked around the neighborhood and people waved from inside their houses or said hello if we passed.  Another thing I've grown accustomed to people not doing, is talking to strangers walking down the street.

Amarillo, Texas. I really want to say something nice about Texas, but it was just windy, chain restaurants and highway miles for us.  I really wanted to go to Austin, but it's just too far South.

Grants, New Mexico:  We veered off the interstate for a bit and took scenic byway 53.  We went for a walk (in the snow) on the continental divide trail. Very cool historic trail.

Carefree AZ:  Now I thought carefree was going to be a cheesy tourist town and it was, but it was also a beautiful, relaxing, comfortable and fun place to spend a week.  The Digital Wedding Convention was very inspirational as usual.  It was also a great time to get some family photos, being at a convention of 400 photographers.  Dawn Tacker of EOS Photo was nice enough to take a few and post them on her blog.

Prescott, AZ: We visited a friend of mine from high school. Prescott is super cool.  Hiking trails leaving right from the center of town.  Touristy, but real people still live here.

Sedona, AZ: And here we are.  We're halfway through our time in Sedona.  Boo hoo.  It has been unseasonably warm (in the 80s) and we've been loving it!  Much much more about Sedona to come....

Here's a little sample of our travelling Kyra series: