Paul & Lisa's Boston Mass. Wedding

I've fallen a little off the blogging wagon here.  Some of you have sent me nice notes, thinking I've had my baby, but rest assured I am still pregnant.  I'm just trying to get so many things done before I pop that my blog has gone to the back burner. I wanted to make sure to share some photos from Paul and Lisa's Boston Wedding.  Paul is off to Afganistan soon, so their wedding date was moved up a whole year from when originally planned.  We got a perfect day to do some formals at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, Massachusettes.  Very fitting when photographing a military man.  We did the formals before the ceremony, then headed to Watertown Mass. for a Greek wedding. I love greek weddings.  There are so many beautiful things to photograph.  After the wedding there was a quiet reception at the Agean restaurant in Watertown.  It was a wonderful, intimate wedding!

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