This is the best email I have received all summer.  I get lots of emails like this, but to be called this one really sums up what I try to do at every wedding.

So, the photos are gorgeous!  I've been sending the link out to everyone I know.  Chris and I both agreed that you were our best choice among all the vendors.  Despite a bleak day, you managed to capture a natural brightness from within the wedding.  We were pleasantly surprised that without really knowing who our closest relatives were, you caught some of their most classic expressions (i.e. #597 - Uncle Jack).

Thanks again! Susan

And then this one came through facebook with the subject "words cannot express my thanks..."

you did a wonderful job on Saturday. You helped keep us relaxed all day and truly amazed us with your immediate preview at the reception. With such a fine sunny day and such glorious scenery, I'm sure it would have been difficult to take a bad photo. I can't wait to see the rest of our proofs. Please pass this message on to your assistants as well. They did a spectacular job all day and couldn't have been more friendly and professional. Thanks again and talk to you soon. ~ Hugh Sutherland

What a fantastic wedding season it has been!  Just 2 more weddings and I wrap up my 2009 season.  I look forward to the break so I can recharge for an amazing 2010.