I just got this email that brought tears to my eyes.  It is just so nice to hear things like this:

"Thea! I hope you are doing very well! So John and I got married in Chelsea, VT on August of '08 and you made your appearance very pregnant! First of all, I just finished making our wedding photo album, and was very overwhelmed at the gift you gave to us. I am not one for the schmaltz, but you did an amazing job at photographing our wedding. I didn't even want a photographer, and was convinced by my mother and mother in law that I really would regret it if we didn't find some one. They were to right. And, as our 2nd anniversary approaches next week, I just want to give you a HUGE thank you and shout out for your amazing work. I had a college friend ask if I would recommend you to photograph their wedding ( she didn't know you had done ours, but saw our pic on your website) and I practically claimed you had hung the moon. Anyway. thank you so so so much!" Katy and John in Carbondale, CO