I just received the sweetest email from Kim (mother of the bride) from Jody and Chris' Vermont wedding.  It's just the most wonderful thing to hear something like this. Dear Thea, This is probably the same email you receive after each time you post pictures, but we are beyond thrilled with what you did. Each time I get done looking through them (which has been about a dozen times in the last 12 hours) I feel like I was there again, right down to I hear the noise of the celebration. I feel so lucky that we saw your pictures from Adam and Susannah's wedding. We could NOT have considered anyone else after that. I was blown away by how many of the little things that we did kind of tongue in cheek that you picked up on without being told...like using the entire nice bathrooms for the women and the one little construction outouse for the men) I also am delighted that you put the books together because with all those great pictures we couldn't begin to narrow it down. Again, the book you did for Adam and Susannah was so perfect, I am completely confident in what you will do for us. Thank you a million times.