Scam Emails

It has been a while since I've gotten a scam email as bad as this one. Most of the ones I see now are quite sophisticated! But this, come on. Even scammers should have some self-respect. From: Subject: BE MY PARTY WEDDING VENDOR.... Date: March 15, 2012 7:48:18 PM EDT To: undisclosed recipients: ; Reply-To:

Hello , How are you doing and how is your work,hope everything fine. are will like you to be my one of our wedding Vendor.for the upcoming my daughter wedding that his going to be held in your area and most important from you let me know where you located and your fees and your packages because my company is going to take care of any vendor that will be in the event.The total budget for the wedding will be take care from my company including your chargers. and i want to let you know that my company will be responsible for the payment of the wedding as they have promised to send the payment to you by check to make things easy for us,They have agree to send the payment by carrier service,And my carrier service his going to deliver the wedding invitation card to your place. but don't border your self my company is going to cater for your any expenses.And will are still look for the venue and location.And am out of town now for the shopping for my wedding daughter. of about 70 invites 2......the wedding start by 11a.m stop by 5pm 3......the wedding will be indoor. 4.......just 5 hours wedding party. 5......And the date of wedding is 25th of MAY, 2012 Thanks regards to your family.