Sept 27, 2008

Every year the last weekend on Sept. is a very popular weekend to get married in New England. It's harvest time, it's not too hot, not too cold, usually dry - perfect for a wedding. This year is no exception. I have gotten so many inquiries for Sept. 27 - I can't even tell you. Yesterday I received one of the most flattering inquiries of my career. I had to share:

Hi Thea- happened upon your site last weekend and have been been sneaking peeks during my workday ever since. I am completely delighted by your work! I feel entirely inspired by your photos, and I so appreciate your commitment to living/working green. We're planning a wedding in raymond, maine this september - it'll be a fun & funky gathering at a summer camp- and we'd love love love if you're available (and interested!) Any chance 9.27.08 might still be open for you? If so, I so look forward to talking with you!!! If not, know that your work has truly moved me- I've been a little intimidated by the whole wedding planning process- but the energy and genuine emotion in your work has sparked a fire-thank you! Very best to you, Ali

Wow!! I have been turning away brides in droves for this date, but this one was especially hard to be unavailable for. The thing is, is that I won't be shooting a wedding on Sept. 27 and that is hard for me. Weddings have been my life for a while now but this year the tides are turning.

This harvest weekend, I will be (hopefully) recovering for my first ever experience with childbirth and getting to know my first born. That's right, I am pregnant and due in the end of Sept. What a different way to spend the Fall then I have grown accustomed to. Sept. has always been my busiest month and this year will be no exception, except in a whole new way.

Now if you are getting married in Sept. don't hesitate to email me - I have some wonderful photographers to refer to you, so don't stop the inquiries - they still make me smile.

Happy Spring!


ps. anyone want see a belly photo? It's growing let me tell you. I'll see if I can pull something together this afternoon.