Solarfest, Forget-Me-Not Farm, Rutland, Vermont

We took the weekend off from weddings this week and headed to the Western Vermont boarder for Solarfest at a premiere eco-wedding destination, Forget-Me-Not Farms. It was one of the most inspirational and beautiful festivals I have ever been to. The whole festival is run off of solar power and includes, music, food, workshops on everything sustainable, every eco-vendor you can imagine and tons of kids activities. Solarfest is not your typical hippie fest. It is progressive, but I found it even a bit conservative at times and very, very family-friendly. Bryan and I take note of anything family-friendly these days.

I went to two incredible workshops, one informative and a few way too techie for my taste. I saw a wood-powered SUV, a solar-powered school bus, a solar-powered car that you can build yourself, an awesome clothesline, very cool composting toilets and found out about a program in NH to give you money back on solar panels. All very cool stuff. I could go on and on and will if anyone wants to hear more. I just wish that they had already set the dates for next year so I could mark out that weekend on my calendar. I do hope to go to this every year!

Here are some quick pix, taken with Bryan's point and shoot. I didn't bring the good equipment camping.