Squam Lake Wedding | Jill & Will

Jill and Will's wedding was, quite possibly, on the best day of the Fall this year. An amazing day for a Church Island wedding. But everything was not as perfect as the weather :) After the ceremony on the boat ride back to the shore, the boat broke down. Some couples may have flipped out, but Jill and Will didn't miss a beat, tied their boat to another and kept on going. The delay did get us back to the Margate a little bit later then expected but again they just cruised through their formals, taking the last just as sun dipped behind the trees. This is a wedding that I will always remember. Congratulation Jill and Will! TheMargate-001TheMargate-004TheMargate-006TheMargate-007TheMargate-009TheMargate-010TheMargate-012TheMargate-013TheMargate-014TheMargate-015TheMargate-016TheMargate-017TheMargate-018TheMargate-022TheMargate-023TheMargate-025TheMargate-026TheMargate-029TheMargate-032TheMargate-034