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The most important question to ask when hiring a wedding photographer

The most important question to ask when hiring a wedding photographer

Recently I received an email from a wedding website asking for submissions for an article called "Top Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer."  Now there are lots of answers to this question and there are a lot of articles on this topic, but every answer comes from somebody else's point of view and the thing with planning a wedding is that nobody else's point of view matters but yours.

Plainfield New Hampshire | Lily and Austin

Driving west from the mountains toward Vermont I'm noticing how pastoral the land becomes. The mountains turn to rolling hills and the grey granite turns to lush green fields. What a beautiful place to photograph. Lily and Austin gave me a great excuse to appreciate the lushness of the Connecticut River Valley as I drove to Plainfield NH for their wedding. The co-pastors of Meriden Congregational Church have known Lily for 20 years, the longest they have every known anyone who's wedding they've officiated. That connection was palpable in the deeply personal ceremony. I think we were all especially moved by Austin's sister's reading of the velveteen rabbit. What a lovely metaphor being "real" is to love.

And then their was the reception at Lily's childhood home. I love when people are married in personal locations because it increases the emotional value of the place captured in the photos. This place was carefully crafted and impeccably decorated. There is so much love present in this home!

As you may have guessed, this was a great wedding and I trust the marriage will be even greater. Congratulations Lily and Austin.

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Groveland Fairways and Newburyport MA: Shannon & Jamie

I continue to be amazed by the beauty of the couples and their families that I get to photograph. It is truly a gift to me to get to know couples like Shannon and Jamie. Shannon and Jamie are kind, easy-going, fun and caring. In addition to all these wonderful characteristics, they had a wedding that celebrated and honored family. To me, weddings are about family. The family we are born to and the friends we adopt as family along the way. Weddings are a celebration of life, where we've come from and where we hope to go. This wedding was all of those things.

Both John (my fav. second photographer) and I found ourselves fighting back tears throughout the day and night: When Shannon gave Jamie a piece of his late mother's jewelry; When Jamie signed his toast to his deaf in-laws. We were in the presence of true beauty, and true beauty, is so rare and so special. I hope Shannon and Jamie stay beautiful forever!

Venue: Groveland Fairways, Goveland MA

Portraits: Newburyport, MA

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Back from Vegas

And New England never felt so sweet to return to! Every Spring I travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Wedding and Portrait International Convention and Tradeshow. It's exhausting and exhilarating. This year, I had the honor of presenting on "Posing Two Brides or Two Grooms." I've become a bit of an expert on best practices for serving same-sex couples after co-authoring the book: The New Art of Capturing Love.  It was amazing to be part of this crew of educators!  Seriously, these are the best of  wedding photographers in the world. Possibly the best part of presenting was that I had the opportunity to photograph this couple as part of my presentation.  They turned out to be amazing to work with and I had so much fun walking around the MGM Grand Resort and making these portraits!

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Lakes Region Wedding Guide

Getting published always feels good.  There is a lot of really extraordinary wedding photography in New Hampshire, so to be selected for a publication is a recognition that I do cherish. [pullquote align='left']"I wanted to let you know that although space was very tight, you were one of just two local photographers that we choose to include in our first annual Lakes Region Wedding Guide."[/pullquote] The Laconia Daily Sun is publishing a new Lakes Region Wedding Guide coming out April 4.  Can't wait to see the rest of the guide!