Ten tips for stunning wedding photos


The best thing about weddings is that beautiful moments happen all the time!  Over the last decade, I've developed a few strategies to ensure my clients get the photos that they will love!  Here are ten super easy things to do to get stunning wedding photos.

1. Forget about the camera. Real moments never go out of style!


2. Do a dad "first look."

3. Embrace the weather.

4. Laugh all day long.

5. Go outside at sunset.

6. Kiss again, after you walk down the aisle.

7. Go outside at night.

8. Dance like nobody's watching.

9. Get married in New Hampshire ;) I am totally biased, but these views are pretty spectacular.

10. Be yourself!

Have some tips of your own?  I'd love to hear!  Please email me!  Cheers!  - thea