The Importance of Portraits

We all know how precious family is, but it is emails like this that make me appreciate the gift and power of family portraits.

"Hi Thea,

This past October you took pictures of my family at the Armont Inn, NH. This was where my in-laws had taken their picture 64 years ago at the very same spot. I purchased all the pictures from you because there were just so many that I needed and wanted to share with my husband’s whole family. This Christmas I gave out large gallery block portraits of my in-laws to them and each of my husband’s siblings. I also had smaller ones made for the younger generation including my son so they had the same pictures of their grandparents. NHFamilyPortraitI wanted to show you how they turned out. I was able to include the original picture of them which made this even more special. I cannot tell you how much joy these pictures have brought to our whole family. My mother-in-law shows every person that walks in the door as do we.

Three days ago my father-in-law passed away. I cannot express to you how happy I am that we were able to do this on his very last summer spent in NH. Every person that has walked through our door over the last few days have admired the pictures with joy, love and tears.

I just want to thank you again for your beautiful pictures and memories that will last the rest of our lives!"

Thank you, Tracy Tucker and the whole Tucker family

 I am truly touched.