The Letter "K"

Last week I shot Kate and Erik's engagement session. It was awesome! But, I misspelled Erik's name with a "c." I got such a creative and wonderful email from Kate asking for a correction.

THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Thanks a bun*h, it is great that we kan give the link to all of the family on the west koast... Only one little thing, Erik spells his name with a "k" at the end, this is kind of a big deal to him... If you kan *hange it on the site now then you might be spared the lecture on "The Superiority of the Letter K" that he kould quite possibly drag out for the entirity of our wedding day... I aktually haven't shown him yet so he doesn't know that the other letter is ending his name right now...



So I had to ask...what is the argument for the superiority of the letter K??

Thanks, his argument is that in a stiff wind the letter c when blown over looks like the letter n. But the letter k takes a wider stance and therefor would not blow over making it the stronger letter, and in the unlikely event that it did blow over folks would immediately recognize it as the letter k and pick it back up. But the letter c would be mistaken for the letter n and may never be corrected and that would make Eric an Erin which is a girl's name.

My argument for getting rid of the letter c is based on phonetics, but the letter c isn't the only letter I would evict. x and q would also go... The letter c makes 3 different sounds all produced with completely different tongue placements in the mouth but are all replicated exactly the same when producing other letters in the english language, the /s/ and /k/ are obvious in words such as cellar and capital. The c when pair with h, has the same tongue as the letters t and s.

As for the letter x, depending on its location in the word produces the same sound as the letters /z/ or the consonant blend /ks/ xylaphone would be easier to read if it was printed zielafone and ax would read as aks. The letter q is produced with the same tongue positioning as the consonant blend of /kw/ i.e. quick =kwik.

And now you have some idea of what incredible nerds we are...



Well I'm konvinsed. Had to share.