I am just back from Utopia, aka Burlington, Vermont. I was visiting Bryan who is building a Sugar Shack for the Rock Point School. They are actually calling it the Taj Ma Sugar Hall, because it is way to fancy to be called a shack.  It's his community project for the year.  The kids help, it's a traditional community hand raising.  Very cool! But back to Utopia...Do you know that Burlington does not have black flies?  That's right no bugs at this time of year.  Did you also know that there is a campground on the bike path about a mile from downtown?  I don't know why I've ever stayed in a hotel there.

Now, I don't know if Rock Point would host a wedding.  But it would be the perfect place.  They also house the Rock Point Summer Conferences which has an outdoor chapel, 3 private beaches, very rustic cabins and the whole campus right next to the campground and a stone's throw from the Hilton and all that.  If you are looking for a Vermont wedding venue, give them a call.  It never hurts to ask.

Here's a snap shot of the view from Battery Park. Those mountains are all undeveloped!!

And here is Kyra on her first camping trip!  We stayed in one of the cabins - so it's "Kamping" with running water, flush toliets and electricity.  But she slept in a sleeping bag!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!