What is art?

Today was day one of my first residency for my MFA in photography.  I am very excited to be starting down the path of developing my work. The most notable event of the day for me was the three hour class on critical theory, which began with the question, what is art?  And no, we haven't gotten to an answer yet.  But, the process of the discussion was extremely interesting.  A few of the elements of art we identified include:

  • Art necessitates production and reception.  Meaning you can't make art in a bubble, it has to be received.
  • Art is transformative.  You take something, change it and voila: art.
  • Art includes translation, transition and betrayal.  I don't remember what this means...

The very intense day ended with a TedTalk from Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love.  Highly recommend giving this a watch!